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For this juncture of A Celebration of Author’s Blog Hop Hunt for February 2016, I am pleased to present my friend and colleague, the wonderful ELLEN MAE FRANKLIN.

* * *

From the Desk of ELLEN MAE FRANKLIN:

FANTASY! It is a word that holds the reader’s imagination in the palm of a writer’s hand. The very word oozes unpredictable delights and will no matter whether you are willing or not take you on a journey that begs to be believed.

As a fantasy writer, I am self-indulgent in the belief that anything is possible in the writing world. Grimdark/gritty/epic and traditional fantasy is where I dwell, so grab onto your seats, settle down with a cuppa or two and lose yourself in the worlds I create. I fall in love with every one of my characters and am thankful they are a part of my life. It is such a pleasure to share them with you.

Born in Adelaide, South Australia I am a mother, a social media maven and an author who loves what she is doing – writing. You will find me on a plethora of social networking sites, from Twitter and Facebook to Tumblr, RebelMouse, Goodreads, Linkedin and Pinterest as I connect with readers and other authors on various platforms.

I am involved in various writing and creative communities and contribute to an online Blog, where twelve writers produce short stories of various genres called Out of Print –

Australian Author Ellen Mae Franklin’s websites are dedicated to creative writing and short stories – and

I am and will always follow my passion for Fantasy writing.

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The Tarkeenia Series
The Unseen Promise
Heart of Secrets
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The Un-named Chronicles
Forthright & Clement
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A Dark Compendium
A collection of short fantasy stories

Ellen Mae Franklin is currently working on subsequent manuscripts and is involved in various writing, and creative communities. She would like to share an excerpt from the fourth book in the Tarkeenia series – A Fighting Chance:

Most of Shard lay underground. Vast caverns hollowed out beneath the core of the mountain Roedanth’s now lived in and it served his purposes well. One of the caves acted as a parade ground for his new recruits. Stalactites hung from the cavernous roof, threatening spikes of limestone and crystal and more than a few eyes wandered in unease as they gazed up at the wondrous sight.

     They filled the chamber, almost shoulder to shoulder. Men and women, row upon row of peasants, soldiers and mercenaries stood in the wait. Kahlu had procured an assortment of misfits. Sad souls who dreamt of a new life in a new world, they pined for comfort and salvation and in this yearning Shard were a white beacon in a dark world.

     ‘It’s going to be quite the opposite you poor shits,’ Roedanth looked down upon them with satisfaction. ‘Just look at you all! A crowd of pleasers, not the army I was hoping for but you soon will be. Those that survive anyway’, and he laughed. A hollow sound void of love and fear.

     Kahlu didn’t hang about the doorway, he had heard enough, seen enough and had learned a while back to keep a straight face. Not to give away a lick of what he was feeling. He listened to the lord of Shard’s laugh, heard the evil intent behind it and turned away. There had to be a place where he could feel like a man again.

     Roedanth raised his hand, singling out Mallic from the front of a roughly ordered crowd. He waved him up and with a smart salute, the rough ragtag broke the ranks. Casting a triumphant look over his shoulder at Tinker and Jacket, it was a proud soldier who went to stand before his master.

     “Sir, the troops are ready for your inspection.”

     “Is that what you think they are? Soldiers Mallic?” Roedanth’s voice was low and dangerous. He had grown some these many months, matured into the son of a God.

     “We have been training almost every waking hour to be as ready as we can for you sire. I can’t help it if half of them have never seen the pointy end of a blade before. Farmers and thieves the lot of them, but as fodder they will do.” Mallic was so sure, so cocky of his tenuous grip on leadership, that Roedanth almost rolled his eyes at the proclamation.

     “Your rolled up mob of pretenders will need to be ready Mallic. And as you say, the slackers will be weeded out.”

     A flicker of suppressed anger crossed the former soldier’s face, the darkening of eyes and a tightening of the mouth. But he knew enough to keep his thoughts quiet, after all, where would he go? The hole he’d dug for himself would either bury him alive or offer up a life, better than the one he had left behind. Mallic turned the sour look into a submissive mien and Roedanth nodded. The meeting was over.

     “You are promoted to the rank of Captain, Mallic now go join your men.” Roedanth turned to leave, but thought the better of it, “and Mallic find 36 who you know will serve me well, men who understand the value of death. One in particular should favor immorality as much as he does breathing. I want you to be ready in seven day’s. Make sure those you choose will be up for the challenge, for I have something rather special that needs doing.”

* * *

I hope you enjoyed this sneak preview and if you would like to win a printed copy of the first book – The Unseen Promise to begin your fantastical journey into Tarkeenia, please enter the Rafflecopter on the website – a chance to win.




Out0fprint is a blog that features a collection of short stories from a group of talented writers – Ellen Mae Franklin is one of those creative talents.

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Your spaceship has crashed on an uncharted world. Civilization is nowhere in sight, and you are alone in the alien wilds. The atmosphere is breathable, and there is drinkable water. Scanners indicate that the planet hosts a wide variety of unidentified plants and animals (some most likely to be dangerous), and there may be one or more societies at various stages of technological development, from primitive to advanced. How friendly or hostile they might be remains unknown.

Out of the collection of fully functional robots currently in stasis in your hold, you have enough time to retrieve and power up one to serve as your companion before your ship explodes. Every replica has been produced to look and act exactly like a robot or android taken from the history of film and television. Each model possesses the knowledge and abilities of its original.

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Snoopy The Writing Life

The following are some of my favorite quotes from authors about writing:

         “All the best cutting is done when one is sick of writing.”
                                                                      ~ John Fowles ~

         “The first draft of anything is shit.”
                                                                      ~ Ernest Hemingway ~

         “A writer is somebody for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.”
                                                                      ~ Thomas Mann ~

         “A fish out of water is a dead fish, and a genius kept from his art is often a simpleton.”
                                                                      ~ Lajos Egri ~

These are posted on the wall behind my desk. It helps me to know that I’m not alone–and not the first to come to these same conclusions.

Have you got a favorite quote about writing? Please share.

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Our Wizard’s Workshop is now over 130 apprentices strong. Candidates from 72 different countries have passed through our doors.

Thank you to all who follow me on this path of magic and to all who participate and to all who share.

This week, I am preparing submission of The Wizard Ignites to DAW. No response as yet from Tor. Roughly 90 agents have been queried, with response to date from only 29 — all form rejections.  (Don’t despair. This is the typical onset toward publication. A huge body of very successful and even classic novels went through years of rejection and piles of denial before ever making it to press.)

Waiting on no one, I am preparing a budget for self-publication. I’ll be launching two separate crowdfunding campaigns. The first will be to raise funds for developmental edit, copy edit, and proofreading.  The second will be for design and layout, printing, and marketing. I am planning on digital editions plus a limited first edition hard copy to begin. The hard copy will most probably be Print-On-Demand to save me on warehousing.

Personal recommendations for editors with solid backgrounds and love and respect for the fantasy genre are appreciated.

I have to nail down quotes within the next few months and come to decision before I can setup the crowdfunding and launch. Once the developmental edit phase is complete, I’ll be vetting designers and getting quotes for the second crowdfunding campaign.

Meanwhile, I am also finishing up a period fantasy short story (set during the civil war and involving a grieving witch, a homicidal ghost, a confederate soldier weary of war, and the corpse of a satyr).  The working title is “Hecate’s Faun”. I’ll be submitting that first as a Kindle Short. I’m curious to see how that program works.

On a personal note, I had a root canal two days ago, and the dentist had to drill into my skull as far as up and behind my nose. I’m still recouping from that mugging, but I am otherwise enjoying relief after months of agony.  Back to the dentist again in a few weeks to hopefully resolve any complications.


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