Blog Tour Upcoming

Door to Another World 3

Are you ready to step through and see what lies beyond?

I have been invited to participate in a Blog Tour.

I have never done a Blog Tour, and so I am quite intrigued and looking forward to this.

Being a stop on the tour will constitute an early promotion of my serialized novel
A Wizard’s Life, and I will be revealing a few things that I have not revealed as yet.

On April 7, my sponsor (the wonderful Ruth Chatlien, will be posting an introduction to me and my blog along with my photo (in all its beefcake glory) and a short “biography” (a blurb not much more informative than the “Approved by Inspector No. 47” label found in a new pack of underwear). I can only assure you ahead of time that my image cannot be properly framed in a single shot, and my life cannot be condensed to 3 sentences. However, contrary to rumor and the occasional difficulty I have rising in the morning, I do live, breathe, and exist.

On April 14, right here in “The Wizard’s Workshop,” I will post my answers to 4 questions about my current project, my vision, and my approach as an author.

I will also introduce 3 authors along with their photos and bios and a link to each of their blogs. They will answer the same questions on their sites a week later.

Thus, the tour is perpetuated.

Obviously, this is a drive to introduce authors and to promote traffic and followers to their sites.

I welcome and look forward to many more apprentices to join in.

I would like to open this opportunity to my followers.

If you would like to participate, I shall give the spots to the first 3 authors who reply to this post. You need to have a blog to which I can send a reply along with instructions.

Good Luck!

BECOME AN APPRENTICE! Click FOLLOW on the right of your screen to stay tuned for updates and for exclusive material on Marc Royston’s A Wizard’s Life, an epic adult fantasy soon to be released as a serialized novel.

2 comments on “Blog Tour Upcoming

  1. Karla says:

    Lmao at the breathe and exist part. I have nothing out yet, so I cannot participate, but I will follow and watch closely 🙂

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