American Flag

For all who served our great nation in the cause of liberty, for all who sacrificed themselves in the name of free speech and and to protect our right to be who and what we are without fear or persecution, and to those who loved and lost our brave soldiers of every creed, color, sexuality, and gender:

In the name of humanity, thank you.


Peanut butter sandwich

Let us all be thankful for our lives.

Let us all be thankful for what we may call our own.

Let us all be thankful for those we love.

Let us all be thankful for the love we are given.

We who have less, let us be thankful for those who care.

We who have too much, let us learn to share.

For those who hunger, may their hunger end, and may every swallow be a feast.

If we have shelter, let us be grateful.

If we are adequately clothed and our feet are not bare, let us be grateful.

If we have love in our hearts and no room for hate, let us be grateful.

However poor we are, let us not know greed.

However much we suffer, let us not cause harm.

May we love ourselves and love each other equally.

May all our poverty end.