Gathering of Wizards

Castle at Sunrise

Our Wizard’s Workshop is now over 130 apprentices strong. Candidates from 72 different countries have passed through our doors.

Thank you to all who follow me on this path of magic and to all who participate and to all who share.

This week, I am preparing submission of The Wizard Ignites to DAW. No response as yet from Tor. Roughly 90 agents have been queried, with response to date from only 29 — all form rejections.  (Don’t despair. This is the typical onset toward publication. A huge body of very successful and even classic novels went through years of rejection and piles of denial before ever making it to press.)

Waiting on no one, I am preparing a budget for self-publication. I’ll be launching two separate crowdfunding campaigns. The first will be to raise funds for developmental edit, copy edit, and proofreading.  The second will be for design and layout, printing, and marketing. I am planning on digital editions plus a limited first edition hard copy to begin. The hard copy will most probably be Print-On-Demand to save me on warehousing.

Personal recommendations for editors with solid backgrounds and love and respect for the fantasy genre are appreciated.

I have to nail down quotes within the next few months and come to decision before I can setup the crowdfunding and launch. Once the developmental edit phase is complete, I’ll be vetting designers and getting quotes for the second crowdfunding campaign.

Meanwhile, I am also finishing up a period fantasy short story (set during the civil war and involving a grieving witch, a homicidal ghost, a confederate soldier weary of war, and the corpse of a satyr).  The working title is “Hecate’s Faun”. I’ll be submitting that first as a Kindle Short. I’m curious to see how that program works.

On a personal note, I had a root canal two days ago, and the dentist had to drill into my skull as far as up and behind my nose. I’m still recouping from that mugging, but I am otherwise enjoying relief after months of agony.  Back to the dentist again in a few weeks to hopefully resolve any complications.


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8 comments on “Gathering of Wizards

  1. Ouch on the dental work. But it must be a relief not to be in pain.

    On editing services, I use Silver Jay Media They will do a quote for you before they start so you know exactly what you’re getting into. They do everything from copy edit to content editing. Note, the are not in the USA so PayPal is the way to go to pay them.

  2. Ica's World says:

    Waiting on no one… I like that attitude. Good luck.

  3. Gone Wild says:

    Thanks for reminding me as to why I no longer submit ms. The agony!

  4. Thank you for liking my post, I don’t get many real people there as it is from a virtual game. To return the favor I decided to check out yours as well, I only wish I could write so well. Very nice, If ever I take up reading again I know where to start. 🙂 again I am sure you came upon my blog by accident but thank you for the like…….Have a blessed day Marc

    • marcroyston says:

      You too. I’m an avid gamer, so I’m drawn to such sites. 🙂 Reading is a must! There aren’t enough hours to read the stacks I want to read.

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