Who’s Your Friend?

Robots Montage

Your spaceship has crashed on an uncharted world. Civilization is nowhere in sight, and you are alone in the alien wilds. The atmosphere is breathable, and there is drinkable water. Scanners indicate that the planet hosts a wide variety of unidentified plants and animals (some most likely to be dangerous), and there may be one or more societies at various stages of technological development, from primitive to advanced. How friendly or hostile they might be remains unknown.

Out of the collection of fully functional robots currently in stasis in your hold, you have enough time to retrieve and power up one to serve as your companion before your ship explodes. Every replica has been produced to look and act exactly like a robot or android taken from the history of film and television. Each model possesses the knowledge and abilities of its original.

So, Captain Crusoe, which robot do you choose? And why?

*Bonus Questions: Which robot would you least wish to take with you, and why?

[Do not feel limited by the selections shown.]

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2 comments on “Who’s Your Friend?

  1. Data! He’s strong, smart, nimble and funny.

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