Albedo One Review of Hecate’s Faun

Hecate's Faun Kindle Cover

Hecate’s Faun has been reviewed at Albedo One (“Ireland’s longest running and foremost magazine of the Fantastic”).

Albedo One is the premiere magazine of fantasy, horror and science fiction published in Ireland, and is the winner of three European Science Fiction Society Awards including Best Magazine (1997) and Best Publisher (1999).

“Vivid, eloquent prose”

“Absolutely Captivating”

“The author’s way with words make for a great ‘how-to’ guide, especially when it comes to establishing pacing and atmosphere.”

“A great starting point for authors looking to enrich their own style and a great buy for lovers of the gothic horror and magical realism genre.”

4 of 5 Stars

Konstantin, Albedo One

For the full review, see

List Price $4.99 digital/$9.99 soft cover/$0.00 Kindle Unlimited.

Available at:

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