Hecate's Faun Kindle Cover

My latest novelette, Hecate’s Faun, a dark fantasy, is now available on Amazon.

See http://www.amazon.com/dp/B013CZ6HM4

Currently FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

PLEASE Post a Review on Amazon. Reviews help to push appearances in search results on Amazon. Favorable reviews are even better. 🙂

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6 comments on “HECATE’S FAUN Released

  1. Looks great. Good luck.

  2. aaronlfuller says:

    Grats Marc…Who does your book cover? I am a new indie author too…Look me up on WordPress and check out Smashwords….it is a great website where you can publish a whole book or one chapter a week. My first two novels are on Amazon…Shashi Bora Teen Witch and Dark Veil. One suggestion…add an age group for your novel on Amazon. For example a lot of fantasy novels are set for adolescents but most dark fantasy can be too mature for teens. Your author profile is very tongue and cheek, so it is confusing if you are writing an adult book or adolescent book.

    • marcroyston says:

      Thanks. 🙂 I did my own book cover for “Hecate’s Faun.” I will be hiring a designer for The Wizard Ignites. I checked the box for the 18+ age group when I registered “Hecate’s Faun” in Amazon. I’ll take a second look to make sure that’s still there. Yes, neither work is intended for the YA audience.

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