What a relief!

All that tension … gone!

You work and sweat, and work and sweat, and just don’t think you’re ever going to get there, and finally … BAM!!!

There it is!

If I smoked, I’d be lighting up.

Surely, it’s a moment worthy of approbation ….

Okay, okay. Wait, wait, wait. Don’t overheat. I can hear your palpitations from here.

So maybe this climax is not what you’re thinking, but it is exciting news nonetheless. And it is equally worthy of congratulations!

Today, I finished the rough draft of the climax for this installment of my serialized novel A Wizard’s Tale.

Three years work has led to this moment. It is a MAJOR milestone. There were a significant number of complexities to coordinate and smooth together.

I am quite pleased.

I’ll plot out the denouement tomorrow. That should be 1 to 2 short chapters. The epilogue is already done.

I’m right on schedule.

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2 comments on “CLIMAX!

  1. scd8418 says:

    Nicely done.

  2. rhchatlien says:

    That is a major milestone. Congratulations! (And being right on schedule is an impressive milestone too!)

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