fantasy gypsy woman

As I am a fantasist, I have to say that my approach comes from the impossible made real. However, for there to be any emotional and/or intellectual value, the reader must be allowed to make “realistic” correlations. Therefore, realism is a necessary element to fantasy. I believe fantasy can best be perceived as an “extrapolation” of reality. Fantasy is merely asking “what if” and running freely with such conjecture without the restrictions of “reality” as it is currently understood. The fact of the matter is that much of so-called “science fiction” is really fantasy. The further fact is that so much of what we call “reality” today was once regarded as fantasy. I consider fantasy a necessary element to a healthy life and state of psychological well-being, as it is through fantasy that we engage our imaginations and perceive possibility where possibilities would otherwise not exist.

For those following the development of A WIZARD’S LIFE, the foregoing images represent a taste of what’s to come.

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