“To see the way forward, you must open your eyes–and neither ignore what you see nor take anything for granted. No matter the course, be brave. Not every crossing is smooth. Not every voyage is without danger. And not every course is clear. You cannot always follow the frequented path or let the wind set your rudder.”

~ Hieronymous, Council of Twelve ~

“A Wizard’s Sight is perceived by the Third Eye, an organ of the spirit and not of the flesh. Through discipline and dedication, the chovihanis and the wizard alike master their vision.”

~ Tsura, Witch ~

“Outer Sight can be blinded or confused. Inner Sight comes from the heart. Truth dwells in the heart. Thus, Inner Sight cannot be fooled. Rely not on reason alone. Lies are fashioned in the mind–not in in the spirit.”

~ Fronilde de Segovia, Wizard of Ulm ~

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One comment on “VISION

  1. Ah, the pen of the shamanic wordsmith! Great stuff. Regards, Paul

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